Welkom op de website van de familie Havers in Nederland. Tussen 1910 en 1914 is er ook een Havers auto geproduceerd in Amerika. Zie hieronder het 44 pk sterke Havers Model Six-44.

1912 Havers Model Six-44 Touring Car
This 1912 Havers Model Six-44 Touring Car is one of only a few Havers automobiles in existence today.

Quote from http://haylockfamily.com/Havers/JohnCole.html Perhaps one of the most distinguished grandchildren of John Cole Havers and Ellen Haylock Havers was Ernest Havers, a son of George Havers who was not a member of the band. He designed and manufactured an automobile known as the Havers Six. This was a luxury automobile that was built at the Havers Motor Car Factory in Port Huron, Michigan. There is now a small museum in Port Huron that houses the automobile (just north of Detroit). One of the oribinal automobiles was used by American film star, Debbie Reynolds in the film, The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Unfortunately, production was halted when a fire destroyed the factory on July 8, 1914, after less than four years in business.